We won’t be building a MSB with this project. We will be building the world’s first fuel management system based on blockchain technology to provide transparency and openness to the fuel needed for the MSB technology.

Using blockchain technology we will put the Thorium energy system into the public space, forever. Providing a marketplace for energy generation, fuel management, and transparency never before seen in such a closed and secret industry as nuclear.

Fire needed wood. Steam needed coal. Car engines need oil and power turbines need gas. Supplying fuel has always been at least a big a business as building the machines that use it. Large states like China, Russia and India can produce their own fuel supply chains. But the private startups in Europe and North America will not have the same economies of scale. A specialist fuel supply chain will be of great importance to them.

All those 20 plus private companies, as well as research laboratories around the world need access to low cost reliable, traceable, transparent thorium salt.

Our blockchain project will provide the world community a way to contribute to nuclear energy in a way they have never been able to contribute before. The world will also be able to monitor and observe the movement of fuel as it is produced, mixed, sorted, transported, burned, and recycled for all thorium that is on the blockchain.

Tokens purchased at during the private sale will enable you to support the development of the TGE activities and enable your benefit, both financially and morally from the project.

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